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March 2023

Charleston Fishing Report – April 2023

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At the beginning of March, Charleston had begun to shed the effects of Winter. The bite improved noticeably and then two weeks of storms and windy weather slowed things down again. Redfish are available and trout can be found too if you work the right lures. Temperatures will surely rebound in April and with it so will the fishing!

The big schools of redfish found during the winter are breaking up as these fish are more active.  Anglers should consider using artificial plastic lures that mimic baitfish. One good choice would be “jerk shad” lures that have become popular and come in a variety of colors. I’ve been finding that hues of silver and blue have been working great and produce even when water clarity is poor. These lures work best paired with a size 3/0 flutter hook.

The trout bite should really begin in earnest this April. With water temperatures warming, it’s hard to believe they won’t become aggressive feeders before too long. The preferred setup of live bait under a popping cork is hard to beat. Live shrimp is now available and will give you another option than mud minnows. It’s a fine idea to start carrying your cast net and see if you can catch some finger mullet. Finger mullet under a cork is plain deadly.

Flounder are now present and eating. We’ve been catching them usually when fishing with mud minnows on the bottom or mud minnows under popping corks. You’ll need to focus on structure when targeting flounder. Docks and pilings are good places to try. Flounder will stick to the bottom in hopes of ambushing their prey, so you’ll need to keep that bait down and in their strike zone.

See you on the water!

Since 2009, Capt. Geoff Bennett has operated Charleston Charter Fishing providing light tackle charters. Clients choose from a full menu of artificial and live bait fishing options with charters tailored to their desires. USCG licensed and insured, Capt. Bennett is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable charter to anglers of all skill levels and ages. For more information, call Capt. Bennett at 843-324-3332, visit his website at or email him at


Sullivan’s Island Fishing

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Sullivan's Island Fishing

Lots of bait in the water! Warmed up redfish heartily eating mud minnnows on jigheads and cut mullet on the bottom. Had good success as the reds came out of the grass and then congregated around docks at low tide. Shorts and T-shirt weather to top it off!

Stono River Fishing

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Stono River FishingThe reds were a little wary to start the charter. A few times our rods tips would bend slightly then spring back. This all changed once the water started moving! Our rods whipped over time and time again. Broke off plenty of big fish as they quickly dove for structure. Managed to get a few to the boat with the biggest at 32″!