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Charleston Fishing Report – May 2022

By April 27, 2022No Comments


It’s a great time to be fishing! Our waters are now teeming with bait and fish are eating heartily. All the summer seasonal species have arrived and when combined with our traditional gamefish, provide a whole array of options for an angler. If you haven’t begun fishing yet, there’s no better time to start.

Consider making the most of live bait when targeting redfish. Menhaden is a favorite choice whether fished cut or alive. We’ve been catching some nice redfish by pitching chunks of menhaden under docks. You’ll need to use enough weight to hold your bait to the bottom so it doesn’t move and get snagged. I use pinch-on split shot that can be easily changed, just add or remove these weights as needed.

Topwater trout action is plentiful at first light! Heddon’s Super Spook Jr. in their silver mullet color works well but my favorite is the chartreuse and black. Vary retrieve speeds as you work these lures over shell rakes and grassy banks. When a fish strikes, reel tight before raising your rod tip. Good luck with that as a violent explosion erupts around your lure! Once the topwater bite slows, suspended twitch bait lures are a good choice to continue the action.

Sharks have filled our waters with several species like bonnetheads, sharpnose and black tips easily accessible. You’ll start to see the fins of sharks as they seek out prey along river banks and also find them foraging along drop offs in the harbor and inlets. Blue crab, cut bait and live shrimp all work well on these predators. I favor 7/0 circle hooks. Just put the rods in the holders and wait for them to rip over!

See you on the water!