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September 2020

Charleston Fishing Report – October 2020

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Fall has arrived with shorter days and cooler weather. But don’t put your boat away just yet because we’re about to experience the best fishing of the year! Fishermen can continue to find success with live bait but artificial lures should become increasingly effective. Make time to get out on the water, you won’t regret it.

After a week of very windy conditions, the weather has thankfully calmed down and water clarity is improving. Redfish will start to form larger schools and sight fishing on the flats should be great. We are throwing jerk shad artificial lures about 4″-5″ in length and in hues of grey and blue. I rig these lures on size #3/0 flutter hooks that provide great action.

Artificial paddle tail lures have begun to really produce for trout. I’ll use a 1/4oz. jighead and tie a loop knot to give the lure even more action. Vary your rate of retrieve as you search for pockets of fish. Again, we’ve been staying with darker colored artificials. To make your lure even more attractive, try putting a piece of shrimp on the hook. You can use pieces of live or frozen shrimp and it will put a scent trail on your lure that is hard to resist.

Even with artificials becoming more effective, keep tossing those popping corks. Mud minnows, live shrimp and artificial shrimp have been working well when suspended about 18″-24″ below the cork. Redfish and trout alike will eat these baits as they pass by suspended in the water column. Corks have been working best fished along grassy banks at mid and high tide.

See you on the water!

Biggest Flounder Yet

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Biggest Flounder Yet

Starting fishing right off of low tide with the water rising at a pretty good clip. Found a pocket of fish where about ten rat reds and a couple keeper trout fell for mud minnows under popping corks. Switched to another shell rake and found a strong rat red bite and literally dozens came into the boat. Midway through the charter, one cork dropped hard and the drag started singing. I thought it was just a solid red mixed in with his smaller brethren. Instead, as it came to the boat, it was the biggest flounder I have seen caught in the lowcountry. A 6lb. 23″ beauty so large I could lift it into the boat by its tail. Had to return to the landing for a bigger cooler to hold the thing. Quite a thrill!

Fishing Sullivan’s Island

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Fishing Sullivan's Island

Having looked at the tide charts, Beezer gave me a call when he realized we could have a morning of sight fishing on the flats. The winds were light and you could see the schools moving all around us. Even thought the reds were feeding aggressively on shrimp they wanted nothing to do with artificials. So, we put out fresh cut mullet and mud minnows and waited. Mud minnows were the choice of the day and the rods snapped over again and again as the circle hooks did their magic. Put lots of reds in the boat and headed home after a successful morning!