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June 2020

Charleston Fishing Report – July 2020

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Charleston is a great place to be fishing! No matter what type of fish you want to catch, they are all active and biting. Fishing for redfish and trout remains strong even with increasingly warmer water temperatures. Seasonal species like spanish mackerel, ladyfish, bluefish and shark are also still available.

We’ve been targeting redfish with artificial lures especially around low tide. The longer jerk shad lures that worked so well in the Spring are still productive. However, we have had better luck throwing smaller artificials like Zman’s 3 ¾” Streakz in smokey shad. With both, we have been using flutter hooks to put more action on the lure. Remember to vary your rate of retrieve until you find what works best.

Popping corks and trout remain perfect together. Local shrimp are still relatively small so we have been sticking with mud minnows paired with size 1 circle hooks. Popping corks can be hard to recover once wrapped around a dock piling or hung up on a shell rake. I’ll attach 20 pound test line to the top of my corks and attach the bottom of my corks to the circle hook with 15 pound test line. If all goes well when you pull hard, the line will snap at the hook and you will get your cork back.

For a species that fishes well irrespective of the temperature, sharks fit the bill. Even in the middle of the afternoon, they will be cruising and eagerly eating. With so many bait stealers around, we have at times been fishing an entire live blue crab on a 7/0 circle hook. You’ll find that sharks will drop such a large bait more frequently than smaller baits, but the sharks that hang on are the big ones!

See you on the water!

Folly Beach Fishing Charters

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Folly Beach Fishing Charters

It was a bit windier than forecasted yesterday afternoon making it a no go on the flats. Worked docks instead with cut mullet and found happy fish that made our drags scream. Brandon caught his biggest fish ever! Good charter in some tough conditions.

Charleston Flats Fishing

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This morning’s charter had a tide that set up perfectly to fish the flats for the whole four hours. Combined with light winds it looked like it was shaping up for a great day. Sure enough the trip was fantastic! Using chunks of fresh cut mullet, we got redfish to smoke the bait sometimes as soon as it hit the water. Again and again, the rod tips snapped over as the circle hooks did their job. Darryl and his son, Mason, did an awesome job landing all those reds. It’s nice when it all goes to plan.