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August 2018

Charleston Shark Fishing

By Fishing, Fishing Report


With a very low tide to start the trip, it was the perfect opportunity to fish for sharks in the inlet. Once set up on a ledge, the rods started whipping over as soon as the cracked blue crab hit the bottom. Got to the point where we couldn’t even keep two rods out at one time. Everyone on board was into the hot action. Fantastic way to start a charter!

Fishing Kiawah Island

By Fishing, Fishing Report


John booked three mornings well in advance to make sure we had the best low tides for sightfishing on the flyrod. We were able to find agreeable fish every day but the bar was set high right out of the gates. In the first hour of the first day, John fought a fish for such a long time I thought the drag on his reel was set too light. I was very wrong as the fish turned out to be a 31″ redfish, the biggest on a flyrod so far this year. Great work!