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Charleston Fishing Report – August 2016

By July 29, 2016No Comments

Charleston Fishing Report

Even with the arrival of the heat of the summer, fishing has continued to be quite productive. By leaving first thing in the morning, anglers will tilt the odds in their favor. Once on the water, fishermen will have no shortage of options whether it is stalking redfish on the flats or chasing some of the big toothy critters in the middle of the harbor.

Redfish have been making short work of any well placed bait. Use your cast net to grab some finger mullet or menhaden and head for structures like docks and rock groins. We’ve been fishing these live baits on carolina rigs with a 3/0 circle hook. It’s important that you use a weight heavy enough to hold the bait stationary or your rig will tumble along the bottom until it snags.

As for trout, nothing new here. Popping corks remain the way to go. Surprisingly, we’ve had better luck with mud minnows under corks than with shrimp. It usually has been the other way around. If little fish keep stealing your live shrimp, switch over to a D.O.A. 3” artificial shrimp. Their Glow/Gold Rush Belly color has been quite effective.

Anglers fishing for flounder have been reporting good success. Try fishing finger mullet along the bottom around the same structures mentioned above. When you think you have a bite try to wait a few seconds (if you can) before setting the hook. We’ve been picking up quite a few flounder with mud minnows under a popping cork as well.

Fly fishing has been interesting. We have been finding larger schools of redfish on the flats at low tide. However, they have been eating the best on high flood tides when often cruising alone or with just a few other fish. Spoon flies in copper and gold have been the way to go. Make sure that your flies have a good weed guard so you don’t get hung up in the grass.

See you on the water!


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