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June 2014

Charleston Fishing Report – June 2014

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Charleston Fishing Report - June 2014

After a few cold and slow months, our fishery has turned the corner and the bite is back. The water is full of bait and the fish are on the attack. Whether you are casting lures and popping corks or just fishing bait on the bottom, you are sure to run into something!

When you see the flickers of baitfish on the surface, stop and grab your cast net. Menhaden can be found everywhere and redfish love them. Using a carolina rig, we’ve been fishing with both live and cut menhaden. Make sure to use a heavy enough weight to hold the bait stationary, otherwise your rig will tumble along the bottom until it snags. Try fishing docks and other structure immediately around where you netted your menhaden, you’ll be sure to find plenty of reds!

Trout seemed to have been affected the most by our cold Spring. They are now finally active again. Popping corks remain the most effective way to target them. Mud minnows and shrimp on a size 1 circle hook are the ticket. When little toothy fish make short work of your live bait, switch over to an artificial shrimp and keep on working. If you find one trout, there are sure to be more nearby.

Ladyfish are present and so much fun to catch. They are without a doubt my favorite summertime fish. These lively fish will make your drag zing. Their acrobatic jumps and hard runs make these fish very entertaining. You’ll often catch them in the same spots you target trout. Mud minnows and shrimp under popping corks are the way to go here.

Sharks have returned in droves and the bite has been very strong. Atlantic Sharpnose have been especially prolific and cut bluefish or whiting work well. Bonnetheads have started to come around and chunks of blue crab are the go to bait. Use carolina rigs combined with size 3/0 circle hooks. Put the rod in a holder and wait for it to snap over!

See you on the water!

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